Recycled Edition 2-in-1

18 months to 6 years
from New Zealand

Suitable for: Ride and drive, Fresh air, and Exercise

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

This fantastic Recycled Edition balance bike from the Wishbone bike range brings unique features and benefits to the balance bike market.

Firstly its life span is second to none in the balance bike market giving over 5 years use for one child.

The Recycled Edition's unique Rotafix frame controls the bike's evolution. The frame pivots in the centre so Incremental adjustments can fix the seat height for the next 4 years so children as old as 6 years can enjoy the bike.

Secondly there's the environmental benefits to this model. Made from 70% post-consumer carpets. In other words a bike made from old carpets! Each Wishbone Recycled Edition saves 5 litres of oil and 3.5kg of landfill. It is also recyclable as well as recycled. Cool.

The bike is supplied black with black seat and grips but there is a range of option Wishbone accessories available including side stickers, coloured rubber seats and grips.

Key features:

  • Made from 70% post-consumer recycled carpet.
  • Saves 5 litres of oil and 3.5kg of landfill.
  • Recyclable.
  • Easy Rotafix adjustment system.
  • Long life design: 2 to 6 years
  • Optional accessories and decals available.


Seat height range:
23 to 50cm

Assembly and care:

Straight forward self assembly with comprehensive instructions in multiple languages. Tyres come pre-inflated.

Why we love this toy:

Designed with parents and planet in mind.

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