Sensory play

This is a section Toyella is developing and we'd love your input too.

We get asked about toys that are suitable for children with special educational needs: children with autism or aspergers, visually impaired, deaf or with varying degrees of physical disability.

After speaking to families several things are obvious. Firstly they want to buy toys as gifts without feeling they need to shop at a 'specialist' retailer - a gift is a gift. Secondly, it's clear there are Toyella toys that are naturally well suited to their needs and we offer something different to 'prescriptive' toys normally on offer. Lastly, and most importantly, Toyella need help to understand more about this area. You tell us what the need is and we can say if we have the gift.

Here's a selection of toys that have so far been well received by families. They offer a range of stimulus and benefits: sound, texture, motion, magnetism, high attention span, repetition and order, collectability, mood and self expression.