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Submarine ball

Birth to 10 years
from USA

Suitable for: Texture and touch, Colour stimulation, and Bonding time

The vibrant and quirky range of Rubbabu balls appeals to all ages.

Each ball is made from natural rubber foam and has a velvety flocked finish that's soft to the touch.

The submarine ball is one from a large collectible set and is bright green in colour. These are beautiful toys left out on a shelf and can be used for any imaginative ball game by children. They don't damage interiors or dependants and they're quiet too!

Babies will find the colours and textures stimulating with Rubbabu developing colour awareness, motor skills and sensory skills.

Rubbabu balls also make lovely toys for children with special needs as they also will benefit from each ball's unique design.

Key features:

  • Vibrant natural foam ball.
  • Lightweight and quiet!
  • Decorative pieces.
  • Develops colour awareness.
  • Develops sensory skills.
  • Suitable as SEN sensory toy.
  • Free of Phthalates.


9cm diameter
Flocked natural rubber foam

Why we love this toy:

Just lovin' those bumps!

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