Bronco 2-in-1 scoop truck

12 months to 8 years
from Germany

Suitable for: Imaginative play

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

Toyella loves Neue Freunde toys as they are truly original concepts....often quirky, clever re-inventions of classic themes.

Bronco scoop truck is one such example.

An independent hand scoop with grip can be used on sand or water play. But when clipped on to Bronco's wooden chassis, hey presto! you have a dump truck. what's more the scope can be attached in two directions, one for motion scooping and the other for transit of said scooped items.

The chunky wheels can be detached for cleaning so Bronco is suitable for beach, garden, sandpit or water play.

Finally, the handgrip design also means younger users can help improve their balance if they use Bronco as they crawl.

An unassuming toy but with many rich qualities. For some time, Bronco's been on our list to be curated into Toyella's portfolio and we know this will be a popular addition.

Key features:

  • Removable scoop.
  • Scoop attaches in two positions.
  • Wheels detach for cleaning.
  • Nice fresh packaging.
  • Totally original.
  • Wide age range and long life span.


28m long

Assembly and care:

Scoop push fits on.
Wheels pull off with no tools required.

Why we love this toy:

Retro feel but a really new idea.