3D Color City: New York

7 years to 99 years
from France

Suitable for: Art

Delightful original paper art from the Mon Petit Art range.

The 3D Color City range (yes, European spelling of 'Colour') brings children and adults alike a taste of urban life from around the world.

Six postcard size pre-cut card sheets stand on a card base to form a three dimensional 'theatre stage'. Each sheet is rendered with classic New York landmarks and cultural references both traditional and contemporary. From the Statue of Liberty to yellow taxis; The Brooklin Bridge to Central Park.

These stylish packs can be coloured in or left in mono. The sheets simply slot into to a witty illustrated base (no need for glue) to create a unique perspective on the New York cityscape.

A collectible range that will look great in any room.

Key features:

  • Discovery display piece.
  • Colour or don't colour.
  • Educational references.
  • Made in EU from certified FSC paper sources.
  • Collectible range.


6 pre-cut sheets and 1 base.

Sheets: :165 x 115mm

Assembly and care:

All sheets pre-cut with no need for glue. Just open and go.

Why we love this toy:

Multi-layered with style, education, creativity and originality.