Nello Max: 3 Nellos in 1

3 years to 7 years
was £20.00, saving £8.00

Nello is a magic object from Moluk toys.

It's a versatile, open-ended toy that quickly becomes an indispensable accessory for countless play activities whether indoors or outdoors. It is a color puzzle, a nesting toy, a marble run, a floating island in the bath or a sand toy at the beach. You can roll, spin and swing the rings, throw and catch them. Use them as targets for games like tiddlywinks or as beautiful props for role and pretend play.

Nello Max contains one each of the three coloured sets - Nine pieces in total.
We also sell single Nellos.

Nello's potential is realised in the hands of children who naturally possess that ability to conjure up uses like no adult can.

We do our bit by putting it in their hands!

Key features:

  • Nine piece multifunctional set
  • Endless creative uses.
  • Collectible.
  • Interacts will all other Moluk toys.
  • Works perfectly with marbles.
  • BPA, phthalate and latex free.
  • Cool packaging.


250mm diameter x 26mm deep
Nine rings, 1 set of each of the 3 colour ways

Why we love this toy:


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