Wall to Wall build challenge

6 years to 99 years

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

Wall to Wall is a clever two player game concept from the Italian team at Milaniwood

The object of the game

Each player chooses their preferred brick colour. They roll a die and take turns picking up a brick to place in the wall trying to place as many adjoining bricks in their chosen colour. Once the wall is complete you're awarded points for the most bricks in a row, most touching and longest diagonal...in your colour.

The sneaky bit

The bricks have different colours on each side and players face each other across the wall...a bit like you did with 'Battleships'....who remembers that? So as you build more links on your side you may inadvertently be helping create linking colours for your opponent on the opposite face of the wall you can't see!

The die also has faces when rolled determine what colour brick you have to pick up and it also has joker faces that help or hinder your progress.

A great game idea that injects friendly competitiveness and pushes one's tactics and memory skills.

The Milaniwood range of toys from Italy combines a wealth of style, strong educational values and environmental principles. Many toy makers have card packaging made from wood that is FSC certified, i.e. sourced from well managed forests. Few actually use the same sustainable wood in the toy itself. Milaniwood does.

Key features:

  • Unique game concept.
  • Tests strategy and memory.
  • Group peer play.
  • Made of FSC wood.
  • Collectible range.


42 blocks and a die
2 players

Assembly and care:

Multilingual instructions included.

Why we love this toy:

Smart game for smart...kids