The Colour Towers

6 years to 99 years

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

So in Toyella's view the best educational toys are the ones where the children don't even know they're being just 'gets absorbed' as they play without them noticing.

The Colour Towers is once such game and one of our latest faves'.

The simple version for younger players

The object of the game is to win as many chips as you can and build the tallest colour tower. Players draw a chip blind from the bag in turn. On your next draw your can snatch chips from your opponent if you chip matches the colour of one of theirs. The sort after natural coloured chip acts as a joker.

The clever bit...

You can snatch more chips if you can make a secondary colour from your drawn chip and two of your opponents. So if they have a red and yellow chip and you draw an orange chip you complete the secondary colour combination and their chips move to your tower.

Or if you draw a complementary colour to one of theirs that's a snatch too.

They learn colour principles as they play. A great low intensity game where the chips can be used for creative fun when not in game play. The clever interlocking chip design helps improve motor skills and dexterity in younger children.

How cool is all that?

The Milaniwood range of toys from Italy combines a wealth of style, strong educational values and environmental principles. Many toy makers have card packaging made from wood that is FSC certified, i.e. sourced from well managed forests. Few actually use the same sustainable wood in the toy itself. Milaniwood does.

Key features:

  • 'Learn as you play' gift.
  • Group peer play.
  • Made of FSC wood.
  • Comes with cotton bag.


34 x 35mm chips with storage bag.
2 to 5 players

Assembly and care:

Comes with instructions (in several languages) and colour tutorial.

Why we love this toy:

Learning and they don't even know it!