Crazy Palace

5 years to 99 years
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Yet another original and clever game concept from the Italian team at Milaniwood

What's it about?

The object of the game is to get your 'crazy' builder higher than your opponents by building to the sky.

The sleek bit...

The throw of the die determines which edge of the block you have to balance it as you build up. S, M or L on the die refers to whether the next block is stacked on its end, side or easiest flat face. Once the block is placed your crazy builder has to be stood on top of that block. On your next turn he's removed temporarily to make way for your next block. If he or any blocks fall on your go you lose.

Building always takes place on top of the red starting block with the 'Large' face up. Advance player may choose to build of an edge or end!

Obviously balancing blocks on the end is trickier but the reward is a higher tower.

A great game idea that injects friendly competitiveness, dexterity, risk and a nice human touch with the cute characters.

The Milaniwood range of toys from Italy combines a wealth of style, strong educational values and environmental principles. Many toy makers have card packaging made from wood that is FSC certified, i.e. sourced from well managed forests. Few actually use the same sustainable wood in the toy itself. Milaniwood does.

Key features:

  • Unique game concept.
  • Group peer play.
  • Made of FSC wood.
  • Collectible range.


20 blocks, 2 cute characters and a die
2 players

Why we love this toy:

Makes Jenga look tame!