20 magnetic refillable colouring pens: black edition

5 years to 99 years
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from United Kingdom

Suitable for: Art, Construction, Keeping occupied, Motor skills, and Texture and touch

Fab dual purpose pens that do more than just colour!...this is a real quality gift for children and adults.

Magnetips are not your average fineliners. Each one of the patent-pending pens contains two powerful magnets, allowing them to attract one another, and become the centrepiece of your desk.

Natural Attraction

Each side of the pens contains a super powerful Neodymium magnet. Not only they are pulled strongly towards one another, but will also attract to any metallic surface. The pens snap securely together end-to-end or along their hexagonal sides.

Goodbye clutter hello creativity!

Challenge yourself to build new and exiting structures with your pens. Buy the optional Magnetip chrome balls to add moving joints to your creations.

Refill & Revive

Magnetips pens have a replaceable refill. Next time your pen runs out, you only have to change the refill and not the whole pen. Better for the environment, and for your pocket too.

Key features:

  • 20 refillable fineliner pens.
  • Magentised at both ends.
  • Adds a play dimension.
  • Stylish gift packaging.
  • Optional chrome balls to extend creativity.


20 different coloured pens

Why we love this toy:

Don't store away....show them off!