Lemonade micropuzzle

7 years to 99 years
from Spain

Suitable for: Keeping occupied, Family altogether, and Image recognition

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

Find out how lemonade is made with the elegant micropuzzle from Spanish team Londji.

This fun 'Heath Robinson' style jigsaw puzzle has 150 pieces that are 12mm in size. It comes in an original screw top plastic flask for storing the pieces. The nice touch is these flasks are illustrated in the puzzle itself as they collect the lemonade.

The finished puzzle is 10 x 15cm which is a standard frame size if you want to mount it for the home.

A great original gift and handy for travel too as it easily fits in a pocket or handbag.

Key features:

  • Cool flask for storage.
  • Nice travel game.
  • Fits in pocket or handbag.
  • Standard frame size.
  • Collectible range.


Finished size:
10 x 15cm
Piece size:
12mm average

Assembly and care:

A card is included to follow the design.

Why we love this toy:

Fab fun illustration in original packaging.