Wobble toy: Raccoon

12 months to 5 years
from USA

Suitable for: Motor skills

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

Rating high on the cute-ometer is the new set of Wobble toys from Kid-o.

For those of you who remember Weebles in the 1970's, Raccoon Wobble is a delightful toy reminisent in the way it's weighted at the base allowing children to push, roll or spin the raccoon and witness him spring back upright each time.

Kid-o have applied their normal stylish feel to this range. Confident colours to stimulate and their recognisable brand highly polished plastic finish. Wobble toys look great on display in any bedroom.

As children grow, the early benefits of wobble toys developing motor skills and hand to eye co-ordination, turn to opportunities for creative play with the characters.

Key features:

  • Self righting wobble toy.
  • Promotes motor skills.
  • Stimulating for babies
  • Character play for older children.
  • Lovely decor toy.
  • Collectible.


5.1(w) x 5.1(d) x 10.2(h) cm

Why we love this toy:

Cute and collectible.