Stack & roll cones

18 months to 4 years
was £20.00

Stateside Kid-o toys are up to their old tricks of producing engaging and stylish toys with a retro tone.

Why just stack a tower when you can roll the pieces too!

Stack & Roll Cones are five tactical double cones that create a tower 33cm high. The clever part of the design is the concentric ridges on the face of each cone. This allows each cone to 'lock' on to each other even if larger cones are on top of smaller ones. 'Neat' as the Americans say.

But as the name suggests the cones can roll...and spin for that matter.

Overall a well thought through toy that helps develop motor skills, principles of balance and colour awareness.

Good job guys!

Key features:

  • Multi-layered educational toy.
  • Very tactile.
  • Cool retro styling.
  • Great gift packaging.


5 cones
largest cone is 82mm high. Tower 330mm high

Why we love this toy:

Yet another toy with hidden depths.