Rounded stackers

18 months to 3 years
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Kid-o toys delivering what they do best - cool imaginative toys with retro undertones.

With rounded stackers, six vibrantly colored, curvy shapes stack high to create free flowing towers. Assemble the pieces in any order to create unique shapes and patterns. Designed for small hands, each round piece features a starburst design on the top and bottom, locking them into place to create a sturdy architectural tower.

Confident colours to stimulate and in Kid-o's recognisable brand of highly polished plastic finish.

Toyella loves a 'leave on display' toy that enhances any interior.

Key features:

  • Stack in any order.
  • Easy for baby to grip.
  • Clever locating design.
  • Develops logic and creativity.
  • Decorative piece.
  • Plain cool.


115 x 220mm

Why we love this toy:

Confident with cool colours.

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