ABC stacking blocks

12 months to 6 years
from United Kingdom

Suitable for: Motor skills, Construction, and Numeracy and literacy

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

ABC stacking and nesting blocks is the second activity toy to be launched by Hungry Little Minds - a company founded by an architect and mother who wanted to introduce children, through play, to the ideas of architecture and design.

Toyella have considered many cardboard block sets in our time and there's several reasons why this set is the first to feature in our collection.

Firstly there's the block build quality with this being the only cardboard set to pass our exactly standards. The designs are securely glued to the thick strong cardboard surface with no danger of the faces peeling off under the riggers of play.

The designs are very unique and rich in educational value.

Each of the 10 blocks comprise the following features:

  • One face has a number to aid counting and construct towers in sequence. Block 10 forms the base and block 1, the smallest block, caps the tower.
  • Three faces feature a letter from the alphabet, e.g 'A' is for arch, 'C' is for columns
  • One face displays a trio of letters in sequence, e.g. 'ABC' and 'DEF' to help learn the full alphabet in order. This face of the blocks illustrates a tower design when stacked in sequence.
  • The last face of interest is the inside face. Cleverly a second architectural design is revealed when the blocks are stacked on their side to expose the internal print design.

The blocks also nest and store away in a stylish rope handle gift box.

Key features:

  • Rich in educational value.
  • Robustly built.
  • Great use of block internal design.
  • Stylish gift packaging.
  • Collectible range.


Block size:
from 40mm to 135mm square
Tower height:
930mm high when stacked.

Why we love this toy:

Feature rich and well made.