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Bloc 15 cork building blocks

2 years to 99 years
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Bloc 15 is a set of 15 cork building blocks from Catalonian toy designers Hory.

Cork is lightweight, sustainable, tactile. Oh…and softer and quieter when toppling! What more do you want in building block.

Well there is the fact that each face is half the dimension of the next. So two heights make a width and two widths make a length. This has two benefits. Firstly it means constructions are more sturdy as towers remain aligned regardless of what edge you build on.

But blocks with these proportions can also help with teaching children fractions in an illustrative manner.

We like clever stuff like that at Toyella. Learning through play and they don't even know it!

By the way, Hory stands for 'How old are you?'

Key features:

  • Sustainable material.
  • Freeplay gift.
  • Each face adds up to next face.
  • Collectible.
  • Sleek simple packaging.


Each block:
10 x 5 x 2.5cm

Assembly and care:

Store in a dry place. Clean with a damp cloth.

Why we love this toy:

When you hold them you feel as one with nature!