Hotz blocks

12 months to 99 years

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

This is a fantastically clever and cool block set from German brand Formknall. A new favourite of Toyella.

18 precision cut hardwood blocks have a unique 'hex' shape that use opposing sideways forces to create structure. The blocks can be stacked vertically or at angles. Invert blocks to create tight 'locks' and keystones.

Hotz can be used by children as young as 12 months right up to teenagers learning architectural principles. Use Hotz for pattern work on table tops, creating on edge 3D structures or even on there side for towers to test load balancing.

Please note: * the Hotz wooden box does not come included with these blocks. The wooden box is available in this other set.

The quality finish of each Hotz is typically German. They are beautiful in their own right and very tactile.

As well as the wonderful creative and scientific values of Hotz the design team behind this great toy has a worth environmental story with all the wood coming from a sustainable source in their own managed forests.

Hotz has rightly won the prestigious European Spiel Gut toy award.

Key features:

  • Award winning.
  • Value for all ages.
  • Long lifespan toy.
  • Creative and scientific learning.
  • Lovely decor piece.
  • Unique gift.


Blocks overall:
58 x 38mm
18 blocks

Why we love this toy:

Simply brilliant.

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