Early Rider Spherovelo Juno: red

12 months to 2 years
from United Kingdom

Suitable for: Improving balance, Ride and drive, and Exercise

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

The Early Rider Spherovelo Juno red is the brand's latest venture in the toddler ride-on market using a revolutionary design.

Toyella's been tracking the development of the Spherovelo since we first saw a prototype in 2010.

It's now here, it's well worth the wait and available in four colours.

This is a beautiful 'modern classic' but there's design in its application as well as in its good looks.

The Spherovelo Juno is designed to give children as young as 12 months old the foundations of a life of bike riding. It comes with small side stabilising wheels for the youngest users. This allows children to develop manoeuvring and steering while maintaining balance.

Once confidence grows, the stabilisers can be removed so the balance and motion associated with riding is nurtured through the two large 'spheres' that mould Juno's design. Children will use their sense of balance and equilibrium to keep themselves up and moving. But because these are spheres and not wheels, if they tip, the back wheel will simply relocate rather than fall over as it rotates in all directions. Early Rider call it 'safely unstable'.

The Spherovelo Juno red suits any household as it can run on wood, tile or carpet flooring.

Materials/components specification

Use: Non-marking, non-slipping wheels. Tested for wood, tile and carpet use; Outer: High grade ABS; Wheels: TPU; Handlebars: Birch; General: Removable stabilising wheels. padded seat, embossed logo, heat pressed branding.

Key features:

  • Simply beautiful.
  • Fun ride-on that build confidence.
  • Removable stabilisers.
  • Develops balance and coordination.
  • 1 year warranty.


Seat height:
44(l) x 25(w) x 31.5(h)cm

Assembly and care:

Comes assembled with stabilisers attached. Stabilisers can be removed.

Why we love this toy:

The birth of a new design classic!

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