DoddleBrush Set

Birth to 99 years
from United Kingdom

Suitable for: Art, and Active essentials

Sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase.

The DoddleBrush set has all the features of the regular DoddleBag but with brushes to turn you pouches into handy paint contains.

Screw on the brush instead of the anti-choke cap and Hey Presto a paint filled DoddleBag becomes a unique way of 'controlling' paint play.

Their creativity is uninhibited, your interiors remain habitable!

DoddleBrush Set comes with four single bags with four different coloured brushes. Four matching colour coded circular stickers for labelling and the normal anti-choke cap are also included.

Key features:

  • Many many uses.
  • BPA/Phthalate/PVC free.
  • Self standing.
  • Clear on one side.
  • Dishwasher and hot water safe.
  • Freezer and lunchbox friendly.
  • Right size for hand luggage.


Four 11 x 11cm with ml markings
Four coloured paint brushes
Lids and labels:
Four different colour coded lids and four matching self adhesive labels

Assembly and care:

Fill from the top, zip up, screw on brush, squeeze through the side.

Why we love this toy:

Keeps the paint where paint should belong.

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