12 months to 3 years
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from Hong Kong

Suitable for: 1-on-1 guiding, Bonding time, Colour stimulation, and Motor skills

Bioserie toys are our most exciting finds and represent the future of toys.

All the toys in this range are a modern material with the highest green characteristics.

This clever stacker can be constructed in many different ways. The base piece can be switched from a secure flat base to a rocking position. The stacking layers can be added in and out of sequence with alternating sides up. The result is a toy that helps develop motor skills, improves logic while stimulating with colour, shape, balance and motion.

Key features:

  • Multiple ways to build.
  • Vivid colours to stimulate baby.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Stylish packaging.


12(l) x 12(w) x 15(h)cm

Assembly and care:

Wash with warm water and mild soap. Alternatively, you can wash your Bioserie product in a dishwasher, but please make sure you use a safe soap or detergent.

Why we love this toy:

Clever base that offers stability or safe rocking.