Premium delivery service

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Toyella is delighted to be using the unrivaled DPD delivery service.

Customers ordering larger items, shipping to Europe or opting for 2 or 3 day UK delivery options will benefit from DPD's innovative and flexible delivery features.

Email and free SMS alerts

DPD allow Toyella to keep its customers right up to date with the progress of orders. If you have registered a mobile as your contact telephone you'll receive free status updates via SMS (text messages) as well as by email.

Alerts are sent to you when parcels are booked by Toyella for collection, when they are received by DPD and when DPD drivers have delivered the parcels to the desired destination.

Links within these initial alerts take you directly to DPD's website where the full detail of your parcel's progress can be tracked.

1 hour delivery windows

Now Toyella customers don't need to wait in all day for their parcels to arrive. You will be notified of a precise one hour time window when your parcel will be delivered so you're free to utilise the remainder of the delivery day.

Change the delivery date

When you're alerted of the delivery day, if that date doesn't suit, you can simply change it to one of two alternative days by simply replying to either our SMS or email alert.

Neighbourly help

Similarly, via the alerts received through your computer, tablet or mobile, Toyella customers can decide at any point during transit that parcels are instead dropped at a neighbour's.

The culmination of these flexible features means that while Toyella is open 365 days a year, ordering from us doesn't mean your year has to become 364 days long.

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