Website photography

Much of the photography on this website has been specifically commissioned by Toyella.

We felt many toy websites failed to properly convey the quality and features of the products they sold. Few portrayed scale or set the products within a real environment.

Our goal is to build up a unique portfolio of images that truly illustrate the unique qualities of each and every product Toyella selects for its website. Furthermore, we recognise the value of putting the products insitu - capturing children using the products, how they use them and the pleasure they draw from their use. That's what it's all about at the end of the day!

To achieve this we enlisted the help of photographer Laura Mott:

Portrait of photographer Laura Mott

Laura Mott Photography

We asked Laura to shoot for Toyella for two key reasons.

Firstly, we appreciated her natural, contemporary and opportunist style of photography. Her background is in commissions for weddings, family portraits, parties and bumps. Her creativity is complemented by an ability to work quickly and often unnoticed.

Secondly, Laura is herself a mother of two young children and has the skills to prepare an environment that will bring out the best in the products and the responses of the children using them.

We're absolutely delighted with Laura's images and feel her work has transformed the way customers understand the products we offer at Toyella.

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Sample of images from Laura Mott photography

Toyella has exclusive rights to the Laura Mott images used throughout this site.