Discounts vs Added Value

Toyella is not your average shop in many ways.

We do what we want and what feels right to do for families.
We pick the best toys even if they're not best sellers.
We go the extra mile when perhaps settling for less wouldn't even be noticed.

And when it comes to prices, again, we take a particular stance.

Fair pricing

We maintain great value for what are unique quality toys.
Prices are never inflated in order to then suggest a discount.
We never profit from delivery costs and often subsidise them to allow our toys to reach the continent.
And we're the No.1 toy company for service on TrustPilot so no corners are cut after gifts leave our warehouse.
We stock everything at our headquarters to ensure quality control.


We never do discounting in the lead up to Christmas.
In fact we never do website wide sales.
That includes January sales.
We don't get involved in Black Friday in any form.


Firstly, because there's nothing worse than committing to a gift purchase only to see it a fraction of the price days later.
Plus we only stock toy brands that possess years of appeal and value.
We never choose toys that are fads or crazes.
If we pick them it's because we believe they have long term benefits.
We don't want to offload them if we have the choice.

Discontinued lines

When a range does sadly become unavailable to us, we'll want to replace it.
So occasionally we may offer price reductions to clear the last items.
Our driver is to make space, not because the toy is 'duff'.

Added value

But everyone likes to feel they've had great value not just good value.
Toyella looks to gain your loyalty in ways other than 'because it was the cheapest'.
So if you order, do choose to accept our newsletters.
Because in these we offer upsell incentives, promotional offers, offers from like minded collaborating brands and multi-purchase schemes.